VigRX Plus Reviews: 100% Real, Clinical Before and After Photo Results

Sexual satisfaction is a core pillar in any successful marriage. However, it is very important to know that there are a number of factors that defines an ideal sexual satisfaction. For obvious reasons, men open up and admit that ability to attain and maintain an erection is a big deal in sexual relationships.

For women, sizeable penis that guarantees the needed penetration and pleasure is a core factor. And, who will not like to drop a good load courtesy of the energy consumed during sexual interplay? The fact is, everyone wants it. In fact, it is the most wonderful experience on Earth.

But due to a number of reasons, some deeply rooted in the type of diet and contemporary diseases, meeting the above standards for an ideal sexual satisfaction is gradually becoming tougher. In one way or the other, men need a slight boost in their sexual drives.

The big question is which is the appropriate method of boosting your sexual drive?

The answer to that question is VigRX.

What is VigRX Plus?

vigrx plus

VigRX is a male sexual drive enhancement supplement that is made with natural ingredients for men who want to improve or transform their sexual life. It is made to enhance erection and achieve the best orgasms ever.

It is worth noting that, unlike other products such as Cialis and Viagra, VigRX plus is purely a product of natural ingredients made by a company that has been in the male enhancement industry for over 10 years. The giant supplement industry, Leading Edge Health, assures apex expertise and resultant high quality products.

What is VigRX Made With?

• Damiana


Damiana (Turneradiffusa), is a small shrub native to Mexico. It grows in tropical and subtropical regions but mostly found in lowland places of Texas, Mexico, the Caribbean, South and Central America. The shrub was discovered in ancient times by the famous Mayan Tribes who used it as an aphrodisiac, hallucinogen and bladder tonic.

A small number of this magical herb is shipped and promoted in love enhancement companies. Scientist revealed that the herb, increases blood flow and nerve impulses to the male sexual organ. It also promotes oxygen supply in the body.

• Epimedium Leaf Extract


Commonly called “Horny Goat Weed”,Epimedium belongs to the family “Berberidaceae”. This Chinese weed contains many chemicals that aids in improving the body blood flow and help to enhance sexual functions in both men and women.

The Extracts also contains Phytoestrogens. The chemical, works alongside the female hormone estrogen. Phytoestrogens also reduces born loss in postmenopausal women.

• Bioperine


According to the clinical tests and studies, Bioperine (Piper Nigrum L) when combined with any type of nutrient, increases that nutrients absorption rate.

Therefore, when the product is added to herbal supplements, it aids in absorption of the ingredients in the herb to realize better workability.
For example, if you add Bioperine with Coenzyme Q10, the absorption of the coenzyme will be improved from the normal 10% to 30%.

Due to this property, Biopine is normally used to increase levels of Dopamine and Serotonin. This helps individual to attain positive sexual feelings.

• Ginkgo Biloba

ginkgo biloba

This ancient Chinese herb has a strong antioxidant property that enhances blood flow in the nervous system and brain at large. Blood flow to the two parts positively affects an individual’s erection.

• Asian Red Ginseng

asian red ginseng

Asian Red Ginseng is a slow-growing herb with fleshy roots native to China. The herb can be classified into white, fresh or red depending on how it is grown.

Research has shown that this famous herb can be used as antioxidant and used as an alternative method for treatment of erectile dysfunction. It protects against oxidative stress in tissues and blood vessels in the tissues of the penis.

• Muira Pauma Extract

muira pauma

This herb from Brazilian origin contains organic substances that undermine oxidative stress in both men and women. The product is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction when combined with Ginkgo Biloba.

• Saw Palmeto.

saw palmeto

Saw palmetto is a fan palmed herb, native to North America. It mainly affects the pathway of the testosterone. For sexual inadequacies, residents of Eastern Gulf Coasts have been using this herb for centuries.

• Catuaba Bark Extract

catuaba bark extract

Catuaba is an herb native to Peru and Brazil. It contains 3 Alkaloids namely, Catuabine A, B and C that works with the nervous system to reduce cases of insomnia, fatigue and eliminate nervousness. These three factors, when properly worked on will see you through enhancement of bodily sexual functions.

• Hawthorn Berry

hawthorn berry

These magical berriesincredibly improve the cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol level, strengthen blood pipes, and support the heart functions.
They are made of bioflavonoids and antioxidants that enhance blood flow and help to maintain longer penile erections.

How isVigRX Administered?

VigRX pills, sold by Leading Edge Health is bought and shipped in a discreet box. The box contains a total of sixty pills.

Take two pills per day, one in the morning and the other I the evening. The pills should be taken with meals.

It is recommended that you take a full dose. That is, for a minimum of three months.

If for example you experience an abnormal body reaction while using the pills, the company allows a 98.5% reorder rate.

How Does VigRX works?

Normally, sexual gaming is defined by the ability of the blood to flow through the various blood pipes to the genitals. In simple terms, the more the blood flow to the penis, the bigger, harder and longer the erection.
If you are unable to attain a rigid erection or suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, it means the corpora cavernosa chambers in your organ is not receiving enough blood to expand long enough. The limited blood flow results from restrictions.

In an event of restriction of this normal flow, it becomes incredibly difficult to attain and maintain an erection.
VigRx Plus inhibits Rho-kinase, an enzyme particularly concerned with
restriction of blood flow in the body.

Upon inhibition of the enzyme, the erectile tissues and arteries achieve maximum relaxation hence resulting to improved flow of the blood to the penis.

Through this, VigRX improves the overall performance during the bed sessions.

How effective is VigRX?

Unlike other male enhancement methods, VigRX has proof of effectiveness from a clinical double-blind trial.
Unfortunately, it may not work for all due.

People with cases linked to high blood pressure, anti-coagulation and those under non-steroidal inflammatory drugs should consult their respective clinicians prior to use.

Careful administration of the pills should result to;

  • Longer lasting erections during the first month. During this period, you should start noticing an increment in the width and the overall size of your penis.
  • In the second month, the changes in appearance should be more dramatic. Alongside this should be an overall change in your stamina.
  • In the third month, you should be able to maintain your erection for as long as an hour. The stamina should be excellent.

What Are The Side Effects of VigRX?

There are no feedbacks from potential users or reviews that indicate any side effect of the product. However, due to different forms of users’ hormonal balances, one can experience mild cases of:
• Restlessness.
• Headache.
• Occasional low libido.
• Gastrointestinal problems such as nausea, vomiting, and bloating.
• Allergic reactions such as shivering, nausea, dry mouth, and hives.

In such cases, you should take an advice from doctor. VigRx is an absolute medicine just like any other herbal drugs. Sometimes, you may be bound to follow a course that provides the right amount of dosage as per your bodily specifications.

It will take a couple of week before you start noticing the aforementioned changes. Any bizarre changes apart from the above should be reported to appropriate personnel.

In General VigRX is Used For;

Alongside increased penis length and size, VigRX pills guarantee consistency during sexual interplay hence making the act even more enjoyable. Quality interplay oscillates between consistency and desire. With these pills, you are assured of sexual attraction to your partner always. This means you will not only be able to play a successful gaming but also develop stronger mutual feelings towards your partner.

With VigRX attaining and maintaining an erection is no longer a problem. The body will have full control over the functions along the penile area. It is the desire of any woman to reach an orgasm together with her sex partner. With these pills, you will be able to retain the load and wait for your partner to reach the peak before unloading.

With time, careful intake of VigRX pills should enable you have improved libido, longer erections, longer penile length even in the un-aroused state, and sustainable cure for your Erectile Dysfunction problems.

Pros of VigRX

  • When you purchase the item over multiple months, the company offers you a huge discounts
  • The male enhancement pill has the longest proven track record of over 17 years than any other supplement in history
  • Certified and recommended by medical doctors as an alternative natural prescription for Erectile Dysfunction and related cases
  • It improves both the quality of the erection and stamina at large
  • The seller company offers a generous money-back guarantees to enable users to try the products and see if they deem fit for it
  • It is a product of provable clinical tests
  • Can be purchased and shipped to various individual users countries at an affordable fee

Cons of VigRX

  • The product is slightly more expensive as compared to other forms of male supplements if you don’t take volume discounts
  • There are counterfeit versions of the product (only buy from the official website of seller)
  • Only available online

Is There Any VigRX Products Apart From The Pills?

To meet the customers’ different needs, the company also makes other types of products alongside the pills.

Let’s hit the fact right, there is a time when all you need is a faster solution to your erection problem. Sometimes things can get too hot and out of hands. Or, you may not have the adequate time to wait for the pills to take control since you forgot to take them earlier.

In such a case, there is an oil version for you!

VigRX oil is just made with the same ingredients as in the pills. What differs is that it works much faster than the pills. You will attain its effects in a span of one minute.

The oil is simply applied on the penis through smearing. Upon doing this, it will give your penile tissue a boost of Nitric Oxide. The compound is absorbed at a faster rate through the skin.

After all, the smoother penile tissues will be relaxed hence creating room for downward flow of blood to the penile tissues.

Apart from the oil version, the company also makes a spray version of VigRX.

If you really need a faster solution but hates the sticky and icky feelings accrued to oils, then this spray is an ideal for you.

To achieve the needed turgidity, all you need is just to spray this version of VigRX on your buddy. You will then need to wait for 10 minutes. During this time, it is advisable to begin the foreplay to get your partner aroused for the real act.

By the time your partner will be ready, your buddy shall have achieved the needed erection.

Why go for VigRX

You won’t like to be a litmus paper or solution for testing whether a booster product in the market is really effective. Hence, going for a product that has been tested and approved by qualified personnel in health sector is your number one priority.

Second, VigRX is of higher quality and it realizes the needed result. It is also manufactured by a certified and approved company.


It is long since VigRX was officially introduced to male enhancement consumer niche. Its staying power is just an indication of how effective it is to the users.

These products work for almost everyone devoid of the age. It is therefore advisable to give it a try if you have not.

Methods of payments, discount offered and shipping costs are available in the VigRX Company official page.